Welcome to AES

The Association of Engineering Students is an initiative of engineering students of The Technical University of Kenya whose main objective is to promote Engineering Science and Technology as tools
for development, as to well as creating the necessary links with stake holders in Engineering in order
to enhance education and dissemination of information in Engineering and Technology

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Our main objective is to promote Engineering Science and Technology as tools for development.



To nurture innovation in students and purpose their exposure to technological ideas



AES-TUK has a leadership structure comprising of an advisory committee and a student management team that includes


The best thing to do as a student is to be a member of AES , it will give you a good experience platform .

Prof Muumbo . Patron



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What we do

Tech Avenue

Members are tasked with research and innovation in the association. They meet at least once every week

Outreach Committee

Main purpose is to provide the association with various outreach programs that the association can indulge in at least once a semester.

Finance Committee

Has been mandated to provide the association with the methods of sourcing and procuring funds to sponsor our events.

Workshop Committee

Is in charge of organizing various events such as dinners, conferences and workshops.

Publicity Committee

Will be maintaining our blog and social media handles and to provide the student fraternity with updated information from AES

Editorial Committee

Is required to provide articles for our magazine. It is also supposed to publish and produce copies of Emerging Engineer Magazine annually

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