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AES aims at linking students pursuing engineering courses in the university to their prospective employees.  We are dedicated to ensuring that the knowledge, understanding and practice of engineering by its member’s lands in reputable companies both local and international. We hope to achieve this objective through:

  • Lobbying for internship and scholarship opportunities for our members.
  • Organizing for career fairs and workshops involving this companies.
  • Industrial trips to this companies.



CAREERS-Industrial Automation, Motion Control and Lean manufacturing

Centurion Systems (CSL) is a technology firm which brings to the industrial platform, vast experience in technical services, continuous professional development, research and innovation, with key focus on the fields of industrial automation, motion control and lean manufacturing. Having been in operation since 1989, we have served the cross-sectoral industrial platform within the East African region to support efficiency and productivity enhancement, a proficiency strongly backed by our in-house capability and strategic partnerships with key industrial stakeholders.

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CAREERS – Nuclear Power Generation

The Nuclear Electricity Project Committee was established under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy through   The Kenya Gazette Notice No.14188 of 19th November 2010.  NEPC has since been transformed into a statutory body under the State Corporations Act (Cap 446) through Legal Notice No. 131 dated 16th November 2012. It was hereinafter, renamed Kenya   Nuclear Electricity Board (KNEB). Its raison d’etre is to realize Kenya’s Vision 2030 by fast tracking the development of nuclear power in order to enhance the production of affordable and reliable electricity.

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Graduate Engineers   •   Kenya

CAREERS-Control and Power Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Geo-spatial Engineers, Civil and Structural Engineers.

KenGen generates electricity from various modes including geothermal, hydro, wind and thermal sources with renewable as the dominant sources. To deliver on the Good-to-Great transformation strategy, the company continuously engages a skilled workforce.

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Engineering Opportunities   •   Industry

CAREERS-Air frames and Engines, Avionics, Telecommunication, Survey

Kenya Airways continues to grow and support growth in Africa and the World through sustained quality standards from hard-working and loyal staff and management. We aim to consistently develop our business with the highest standards of quality and service by recruiting the best.

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CAREERS-Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil and Structural Engineers, Geospatial Engineers.

Konza will be a sustainable, world-class technology hub and a major economic driver for the nation, with a vibrant mix of businesses, workers, residents, and urban amenities

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Engineering Interns    •   Nairobi, Kenya

Gearbox is an initiative that aims at improving the ecosystem for hardware entrepreneurship by providing flexible working space, shared prototyping facilities, training in manufacturing, fabrication and design as well as mentorship, investment opportunities, incubation and community development

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Engineering   •   Nairobi, Kenya

CAREERS-Civil and Structural Engineers, Automotive Engineers, Telecommunication

The Governments of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Southern Sudan are committed to providing high capacity, cost effective railway transport within the Northern corridor.This will be achieved through the construction of a high capacity, high speed Standard Gauge Railway for passenger and freight transportation. The Governments of the four countries have signed and ratified a Protocol for the development of an SGR connecting the port of Mombasa to Kampala, Kigali and Juba

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Engineering  •   Nairobi, Kenya

CAREERS-Telecommunication, Software Engineers

Safaricom is dedicated to transforming the lives of our customers, communities and colleagues. This is our mission and all employees are given the opportunity to live this at all levels. We pride ourselves in our track record of the same, and know that this is just the beginning; we will continue to work collaboratively to impact positively the lives across the country and beyond

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